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Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Collision

By May 31, 2021 Posted in Personal Injury

Motorcycle accidents can be extremely serious and sometimes fatal. In Texas, motorcyclists over the age of 21 are not required to wear a helmet when operating a motorcycle, but even with the proper safety equipment, many riders are injured in dangerous collisions with motor vehicles. Safety officials also encourage motorcycle riders to wear a helmet and proper safety equipment to mitigate the risk of severe injuries or death. Statistics indicate that most crashes take place within five miles of a cyclist’s home, and when the driver is going less than 30 mph, although sometimes high speed is a contributing factor.  Most often in accidents between a rider and a driver, the vehicle driver is making a left hand turn onto traffic and does not look left again to be sure the intersection is clear; or the driver simply does not see the motorcycle rider. Serious motorcycle collisions can result in permanent disability, a lifetime of medical bills and affect the victim’s employment prospects. Our attorneys at Wham & Rogers, PLLC specialize in plaintiff personal injury cases, including motorcycle accidents. We will fight so that you are justly compensated for your losses.  Motorcycle Crash Causes  The National Traffic and Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), states that motorcyclists are 27 more times likely to die in a motorcycle crash than a vehicle driver. While driving a motorcycle is not an inherently dangerous activity, it is crucial that riders wear a helmet, wear reflective clothing if driving at night, and keep a safe distance […]

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