Personal Injury Protection Coverage in Texas

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Personal Injury Protection:

How does PIP coverage in Texas compare to MedPay Coverage? Which is better? In this video, The Woodlands and Spring, Tx Board Certified personal injury lawyer Mark Wham explains.

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and MedPay are two important types of auto insurance coverage.

What Does PIP Cover?

PIP covers the driver and all passengers in your car regardless of who is at fault in causing a collision.

PIP generally covers reasonable and necessary medical bills. It also covers 80% of lost wages up to the limits of your specific PIP coverage.

PIP payments are not subject to subrogation, which means that you can recover your PIP expenses (from the insurance company) and then recover those same expenses from the Defendant driver, without needing to reimburse your insurance carrier.

What Does MedPay Cover?

Medical Payments Coverage (MedPay) will cover your reasonable medical expenses up to your MedPay limits. However, MedPay does not provide any coverage for lost wages.

Unlike PIP coverage, MedPay is subject to subrogation. In other words, if you receive MedPay insurance payments for your medical expenses, then you will have to reimburse your insurance company if those same medical expenses are awarded in your lawsuit settlement.

This is why many attorneys will tell you that PIP coverage is actually more beneficial than MedPay coverage.

Have You Been Injured?

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