What If My Child Is Injured In A School Bus Accident?

By Jun 17, 2017 Posted in Child Protection Issues

Accidents involving school buses and multi-passenger transport vans have been featured in the news lately. Alcohol is often a factor, and the prevalence of electronic devices has also increased the amount of distracted drivers on the road. What do I do if my child is injured in a school bus accident? Wham and Rogers, PLLC – Texas Injury Attorneys (832) 592-1108 discuss in this video. Houston Bus Attorneys Each day, during the school year, 23 million children ride the bus to school. The law requires the use of seat belts in passenger vehicles, but most school buses do not have any sort of safety restraint system. Children can suffer serious injuries in a bus crash. Side impact collisions can be particularly dangerous in school buses. Under Texas Personal Injury law, recovery is allowed for medical expenses, pain and suffering, disability, and physical impairment. Texas Injury Law Firm Call our office for a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer at (832) 592-1108. We are Board Certified trial attorneys serving Harris County and Montgomery County.

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How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

By Jun 16, 2017 Posted in Personal Injury

Many of our clients ask how much their injury is worth in terms of monetary damages. The answer to that question can depend on several factors. We discuss these in this video post. Wham and Rogers, PLLC – Texas Injury Attorneys (832) 592-1108. Who Is Liable for the Injury? Sometimes the value of your case may depend upon how “questionable” or in-doubt liability for the injury is. For example, an auto collision at an intersection, that took place in front of zero eye-witnesses, may not have a clear at-fault party. If the other driver denies being at fault, and there is no evidence proving who was at fault, then any settlement value may be diminished by just how difficult it would be for you to “win” the case if it goes to trial. Compare this to an auto collision where the other driver is clearly at fault. That Defendant is likely to settle for a much higher value. There are other liability factors that can also increase the value of your claim. One example might be if the Defendant was also cited for DWI at the scene of the accident. That would likely increase the value of any settlement. Other Factors Affecting the Value of an Injury Claim The amount of necessary medical treatment as a result of the injury The amount of lost wages caused by the injury Pain and suffering caused by the injury Disfigurement or permanent disability caused by the injury / Defendant Additionally, the ability of the Defendant to pay […]

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Brain Injuries Are Much More Common Than You Might Think

By Apr 26, 2017 Posted in Personal Injury

Brain Injuries Are Much More Common Than You Might Think The link between football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) – recently admitted to by the NFL – has been has been well established for years, and a prevalent topic in the media of late. Many football players suffer hundreds or even thousands of concussions and sub-concussions by the time they conclude their professional careers. That professional football players are extremely likely to develop brain disorders (with estimates as high as 97% in all positions excepting kickers) is thus somewhat unsurprising, and the sheer number of concussions they receive might make it seem unlikely that just one or even a few concussions could cause serious brain injury. Even One Concussion Can Cause Devastating Brain Dysfunction It is true that a single concussion is unlikely to cause any long-term problems. In fact, numerous studies have shown that around 80-90% of people who suffer a concussion will have no post-concussive symptoms three months later. Studies led by the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the World Health Organization, and many others demonstrate, however, that the other 10-20% who suffer even one concussion will have devastating symptoms out to six months, one year, and beyond. Some studies have found that there are Vietnam veterans continuing to suffer from concussions they sustained in their service to this day. These post-concussive symptoms can include impairments in memory and cognitive functioning, as well as personality changes and severe anxiety and depression. Studies have also […]

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Head-On Crash in Montgomery County Kills 4 – Wham & Rogers PLLC

By Apr 26, 2017 Posted in In the News

The Houston Chronicle reported that a head-on collision on April 19, 2016 killed four and seriously injured four others. The collision occurred on FM 3083 in Montgomery County, when a Toyota Tundra Pickup allegedly crossed into the oncoming lane in a no-passing zone, striking a Chevy Tahoe SUV head-on. The Toyota Tundra caught fire shortly after a child was pulled from the vehicle, but two adult passengers were not reached in time to be saved. Of the passengers in the Chevy Tahoe, three survived and were taken to local hospitals. The four survivors of the crash – all of whom are reported to be children – remain in critical condition. Texas DPS spokesman Erik Burse was right to note that this was a “preventable” collision. Tragic crashes such as this, however, are all too common in Texas. The Texas Department of Transportation reports that 581 people were killed in head-on collisions in Texas in 2014 (the last year that data was available), while 3,534 were killed and 237,941 were injured out of all motor vehicle crashes. Of those 3,534 fatalities, 53 were in Montgomery County and 418 were in Harris County. The total estimated economic loss for all motor vehicle crashes in Texas that year was an astonishing $28,800,000,000. Most of us are well aware that motor vehicle crashes are common in Texas, and often lead to debilitating injuries, enormous economic loss, and tragic deaths. A significant number of these crashes, like this latest collision in Montgomery County, might be […]

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Drive Safely This Memorial Day Weekend

By Apr 26, 2017 Posted in Personal Injury

Our Texas roadways are getting more and more dangerous. One of us is killed every 2 1/2 hours. And one of us is seriously injured about every 2 minutes. Over 13,000 serious injury crashes occur in Texas each year, resulting in over 17,000 serious injuries, and over 3,500 deaths. Failure to wear seat belts is a major risk factor in roadway fatalities. Holiday weekends are particularly dangerous. About 30% of traffic fatalities involve crashes where a driver is under the influence of alcohol. More alcohol-related collisions occur between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. than at any other hour of the day. If you are traveling this weekend, buckle up, don’t drink and drive, and be alert for intoxicated drivers.

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Attorney Rene Rogers Marks 22 Years With AV Rating

By Jul 11, 2016 Posted in Firm News

Attorney Rene Rogers of Wham & Rogers, PLLC was recently recognized for marking her 22nd anniversary of receiving a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rating. Martindale-Hubbell ratings are the gold standard in attorney ratings, and have been regarded as such for more than a century. Her rating is the highest possible review rating in legal ability and ethical standards. These ratings are predominantly used by individuals who need to research other lawyers for their own legal needs and attorneys who wish to refer a client. These ratings help generate awareness, build professional relationships, and stand out from the competition. As a The Woodlands and Spring personal injury lawyer, Attorney Rogers has 31 years of legal experience handling a wide range of injury cases including car accidents, pedestrian accidents, wrongful death, and catastrophic injuries. She has been selected for the Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers and is on the board of directors for The Woodlands and Spring Bar Association. A Firm You Can Trust At Wham & Rogers, PLLC, clients are seen as more than just another case number on the docket – Attorneys Mark Wham and Rene Rogers get to know each clients’ story, needs, concerns, and goals. Those who come to the firm can trust that they’re receiving the representation they need to overcome this difficult time. If you’ve been injured in an accident, you should not hesitate to retain representation from advocates who put your needs first. Because our firm is solely focused on personal injury, we’re able to […]

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Attorney Mark Wham Receives Award for Client Satisfaction

By Mar 26, 2016 Posted in Firm News

The Woodlands and Spring personal injury Attorney Mark Wham of Wham & Rogers, PLLC is the most recent recipient of the 2016 10 Best award for client satisfaction. The award is from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys and is given to legal professionals who are top-rated industry leaders. The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys was founded in 2014 and recognizes legal professionals throughout the country for excellence in their field. The institute is a third-party attorney-rating organization made up of six divisions including criminal, DUI/DWI, personal injury, family law and litigation, lawsuits and disputes division. In order to receive the prestigious honor of the “10 Best,” attorneys must: Be formally nominated by the institute, client, and/or fellow attorney Have attained the highest degree of professional achievement in their field of law Maintain an impeccable client satisfaction rating Many attorneys are able to achieve high levels of success, but oftentimes client satisfaction is sacrificed in the process. The American Institute’s Personal Injury division holds client satisfaction as priority and looks to award attorneys that have not only achieved unparalleled success but have done so for the benefit of their client. A Track Record of Dedication Wham & Rogers, PLLC attorney Mark Wham first received his license in 1987 and has since then dedicated his practice to representing clients in their time of need. Clients at Wham & Rogers, PLLC deserve quality representation, regardless of their income, which is why personal injury cases are offered on a contingency fee […]

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Trade Secret Protection Under Texas Law

By Nov 26, 2015 Posted in Legal Issues

Trade Secret theft has become a major problem for U.S. businesses. The National Security Association has estimated that trade secret theft costs U.S. companies $334 billion per year. And when we talk about trade secret theft, we’re not just talking about Chinese computer hackers. A survey of federal trade secret cases revealed that 90% of trade secret theft comes at the hands of employees and business partners. In a 2009 study, approximately 1,000 ex-employees were interviewed after they resigned or were let go from their jobs. Here’s what was learned: 59% of those ex-employees admitted stealing confidential business information from their ex-employers’. 82% took documents and electronic files when they left; 40% downloaded files and documents to USB flash drives; and 38% sent company files as attachments to their personal email accounts. 48 STATES HAVE ADOPTED UNIFORM TRADE SECRETS ACTS In response to the growing problem with Trade Secret Theft, 48 states, including Texas, have adopted a Uniform Trade Secrets Act. These acts have clarified the issue of what types of information can qualify for trade secret protection, and have provided uniformity as to how trade secret cases are handled. THE TEXAS UNIFORM TRADE SECRETS ACT The Texas Act is called the Texas Uniform Trade Secrets Act. It became effective in September of 2013. The Texas Act provides trade secret protection to very broad categories of your confidential business information, including: your pricing strategies; your customer lists; your vendor list; lists of potential customers and suppliers; your marketing plans; your […]

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