Why do I need to call a lawyer immediately after an accident?

By Oct 6, 2018 Posted in Insurance

What should you do if you have an accident? Call a lawyer immediately.

1. A lawyer can help make sure important evidence is preserved. In many cases, there may be video recordings of the accident or other evidence that can be preserved, if the request is properly and timely made.

2. A lawyer will be on your side, when virtually no one is. The insurance adjuster is not paid to help you. The adjuster is paid to save the insurance company money. We have received countless calls from people who were tricked or lied to by adjusters.

3. A lawyer can put pressure on the insurance company to handle matters in a swift and expeditious manner. Insurance adjusters know they can’t pull the wool over an attorney’s eyes they way they can with those unfamiliar with the system.

4. A lawyer can help you get the proper medical care promptly. Many doctors will not treat patients who have been injured in an accident. This is because health insurance companies don’t always pay doctors promptly for treating accident victims.

5. If you do not have health insurance a lawyer can help you find doctors who will treat you while your case is pending.

6. A lawyer can help get the hospital to bill your health insurance. Often the hospital wants to avoid billing health insurance and instead files a hospital lien. The lien is filed by the hospital in an effort to make more money from treating you.

7. A lawyer can help getting the health insurance company to pay your accident related bills. Many times, health insurers will take the position that their coverage is secondary, and they won’t pay until you prove that you have used your personal injury protection and sometimes even until you prove the at-fault parties’ insurance won’t pay the bills.

8. A lawyer can help you find and utilize all available resources. Many people do not understand that they have personal injury protection coverage and that using it will not let the other party off the hook. If the other driver is underinsured, if you fail to take the correct steps with your own insurance company, then you may not be able to use your underinsured motorists coverage. A lawyer can make sure the proper steps are followed.

9. A lawyer can make sure the settlement is handled properly. We have received calls from potential clients whose settlement payouts were much less than they anticipated, because the adjuster didn’t tell them part of the recovery would be paid to their health insurance company or to the hospital.

10. A lawyer can negotiate with the hospital and your health insurance company to reduce the amount of money paid to them out of the settlement.

11. A lawyer can maximize the presentation of your damages to the insurance company.

12. A lawyer can do background research on the at-fault parties which can increase the value of your case.

At Wham & Rogers, PLLC we are experienced in handling personal injury cases and can help you with all the steps involved in ensuring that you get the justice you deserve.

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