How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

By Jun 16, 2017 Posted in Personal Injury

Many of our clients ask how much their injury is worth in terms of monetary damages. The answer to that question can depend on several factors. We discuss these in this video post.

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Who Is Liable for the Injury?

Sometimes the value of your case may depend upon how “questionable” or in-doubt liability for the injury is.

For example, an auto collision at an intersection, that took place in front of zero eye-witnesses, may not have a clear at-fault party.

If the other driver denies being at fault, and there is no evidence proving who was at fault, then any settlement value may be diminished by just how difficult it would be for you to “win” the case if it goes to trial. Compare this to an auto collision where the other driver is clearly at fault. That Defendant is likely to settle for a much higher value.

There are other liability factors that can also increase the value of your claim. One example might be if the Defendant was also cited for DWI at the scene of the accident. That would likely increase the value of any settlement.

Other Factors Affecting the Value of an Injury Claim

  • The amount of necessary medical treatment as a result of the injury
  • The amount of lost wages caused by the injury
  • Pain and suffering caused by the injury
  • Disfigurement or permanent disability caused by the injury / Defendant

Additionally, the ability of the Defendant to pay for the harm that they have caused, i.e., the available insurance coverage, is often a huge factor in determining the value of a personal injury claim.

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